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Bookstore Bookling:

Gulliver Center - 4th floor - 1-A,

Sportyvna square


Coquelicot Bakery:

Olesia Honchara street, 50/1



Voloska street 3, Podil


Миндаль coffee room:

Hoholivska street 1-3


FINE Coffee Bar Showroom:

Shevchenka lane, 8B, Maidan


Laska Charity Stores:

- Lypynskogo, 3 (ex-Tchapaeva)

- Malopodvalnaya, 15


The Bookstore:

Podarok Gallery in Metrograd,

entrance between Arena City and Velyka Vasylkivska street



Bohdana Khmelnytskogo street, 23



Velyka Vasylkivska street, 114



Velyka Vasylkivska street, 100


Bukva (Bookstores):

- Bohdana Khmelnytskogo, 3b

- Khreshchatyk, 13


About the guide

For a long time the number of restaurants on offer in Kyiv was limited. But in the past few months we have seen a new passion for gastronomy. In fact, 50% of the restaurants featured in this guide didn’t exist two years ago.

The availability of food choices has rocketed. Many new concept eateries such as ‘gastrobars’ or ‘cafe-restaurants’ have started popping up in the capital’s city center. Even a food court has recently opened within the famous ‘Bessarbsky market’ and there is a street food festival in Kyiv.

In the frenzy of all this culinary excitement, some new ultra modern restaurants have also sprung up, offering good quality cooking in pleasant surroundings, sometimes with exceptional views of the city. These restaurants have become, or deserve to become, unmissable.

Some restaurants in Kyiv offer a set menu lunch, commonly known as a «Business lunch». These formula lunches are a good way of discovering a new place for an incredible price.

You will find in this guide:

- maps which show you how to find the restaurants in the

city, by area;

- pictograms, to make your choice easier: outside area,

city view, good cocktails,  «business lunch», music

on offer, or a certain price bracket;

- photos;

- my personal recommendations.

I have chosen these 40 restaurants, based on the following criteria:

- no matter what the speciality, the cooking must be good

and well executed;

- the decor of the place must really stand out.

In this guide, you will thus find my 40 personal favorite restaurants, in which, for whatever occasion, be it a romantic dinner, a birthday dinner, family lunch or a party, you will feel comfortable and will enjoy yourselves.


Best Restaurants Kyiv showcases a selection of 40 stylish, chic, fancy, modern, exclusive and of course tasty restaurants of the Ukrainian capital.

This is a true insider’s guide to dining venues, compiled by a French woman who dreams about food day and night.

This is a must-have for locals, expatriates and gourmet visitors wanting to know the best «food» attractions to discover in Kyiv.


Bon Appetit!

Maud Joseph

40 cool & good places to discover

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